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Junior Year Community Service Reflection

For my Leadership Advancement Scholarship, I am required to partake in 30 hours of community service each year. Every year I have made lots of connections, had lots of laughs and created lots of memories participating in community service.

For this year’s community service I did a variety of different things. Since freshman year of college, I have mentored a little girl once a week for one or two hours. We have an amazing connection. We hang out at the park, have coffee dates, play ping pong, swim, go to the Discovery Museum and play video games. She needs a person who is there for her no matter what, I love being that person for her. There have been great improvements in her behavior since I started mentoring her, it has been very rewarding.

Another community service I partook in this year was raising money for Christmas Outreach. My Rotaract Club raised over 2,000 dollars for Isabella County’s Christmas Outreach program by serving a pasta dinner, we called it Pastabilities. Christmas Outreach is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual distribution event to those in need in Isabella County.  According to the 2017 Census, 23.4% of people are in poverty in Isabella County, equivalent to over 16,000 people. This fundraiser helped Christmas Outreach distribute gifts to more people in need. Some of the things that were purchased with these funds were Christmas decorations, winter coats/boots/hats/mittens, children books, and much more! 47023772_2478123995563475_8513345395147931648_o

Giving back to this community has always been a priority to me. Mount Pleasant Michigan is such an amazing community. I love having the ability to make a change during my short time here at CMU. The lessons I have learned by the community service performed because of my advanced leadership scholarship are plentiful. I cannot wait to use my experience learned during my college career to make an impact on other places in the world.






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Sophomore Year RSO Reflection: Rotaract

Rotaract is a community service based RSO. Rotaract is the college level version or Rotary, or the high school version Interact. I joined this club because I LOVE to volunteer. This organization is so much more than just CMU or Mount Pleasant. We are a club who perform international and local service projects.IMG_3810

This year our international project was raising money to give to International Heart Cry for a mission trip that they will be going on in a few weeks. The money will be going towards resources to help a small village in rural Canada with different issues that they are having. This year we had multiple local projects. We cleaned up local parks, assembled Christmas gift baskets for children at the hospital, hosted the Rotary conference, volunteered at the Rotary Beef Dinner, made crafts for the elderly, made/donated tie-blankets, helped with demolition at the Women’s Aid Shelter, held our first annual Dodge-ball Tournament, hosted a community event with Dr. Pol, and raised money for the Women’s Aid Shelter. Each one was so much fun to participate in.IMG_3872

This year I had the privilege to hold a position on the eboard. My title was the volunteer chair, and I had the opportunity to serve with some really great people. I learned how to plan events, ask for donations and run meetings. All of eboard put so much energy into each one of our service projects. We had such an amazing time doing it, and we all grew very close.

I cannot wait to see where the next two years takes this RSO. There are so service projects that our club can get involved in. Now that I have been a part of this club I have grown an even stronger passion for volunteering. IMG_4412

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Sophomore Year Service Learning Reflection

For my Leadership Advancement Scholarship, I am required to receive 30 hours of community service. This year for my 30 hours I did a multiple of different activities and events.

One of my favorite service opportunities that I did was mentoring a 4th-grade girl. We met every Tuesday at 4 o’clock. We went to the local library, the discovery museum, bowling and even to one of the study rooms in my residential hall. I love being able to make a positive impact on her. Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week.

IMG_3810I also did a lot of mini volunteer projects with the RSO I am a part of called Rotaract. We made Valentine’s day cards for a nursing home, passed out encouraging cards to students around finals, pulled weeds at a local park and held a dodgeball tournament to raise money for future

service events. It was such an amazing experience working on the Eboard of such a generous club. We were continuously searching for our next volunteer opportunity. One of our future projects is building a bathroom for the Women’s Shelter in Mount Pleasant. We received a grant to help aid us, and we are going to help contractors finish the project soon!

I have learned so much this year through my service projects. I’ve learned how to come out of my shell when asking for donations, how to lead an individual project, and most importantly how I can improve other people’s lives.