Leadership Education

PSY 100L

Learning Objectives

This class is a special leadership section that provides an introduction to different concepts, methods, and areas of psychology.  After completing this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe psychological assumptions and explanations of behavior.
  2. Demonstrate the relevance of psychology to leadership and in solving human problems.
  3. Understand how behavior is influenced by biological factors, learning histories, situations, cognition, personality, and cultural factors.
  4. Discuss different psychological approaches to explaining human behavior. These include the biological, cognitive, psychodynamic, evolutionary, behavioral, and humanist approaches.
  5. Focus on specific areas in psychology to study in more depth.

bachelor-of-science-in-psychologyPsychology was a class that introduced me to the idea of college. It was a class that made me understand how independent you must be in your college classes. I had to check the online website blackboard every night to see if I had homework or not, and I had to remember due dates, exam days and upon other things. This class allowed for me to emerge into a college classroom. It challenged my attention span, and my note taking skills. I learned how to study efficiently for my exams, however, I also learned that you cannot be perfect and the grade on the test doesn’t describe who you are.

This class was very challenging for me; my mind did not fully understand the concepts of psychology. I am glad I could take this course with my fellow LAS members. We studied together and got through it together. I ended up receiving an A- for this course which I was very pleased with because it was very challenging to me. I am very glad I had this course, it really helped me transition into the college level class.

Now that I have taken psychology with my leadership cohort I understand how the brain works according to leadership. The mind does crazy things and with my knowledge of the human brain can help me in the future work with different kinds of people. As a leader, I will be working with many different types of personalities. I am now more equipped to working with different types of people. This course has directed me to understand different personalities and it will allow me to be a more versatile leader.