Leadership Education

Choosing Civility

For LDR 100L we had to read a leadership novel and create a twenty-minute presentation on our book. We were separated into groups of around eight. My no51-iw6b8s-l-_sy344_bo1204203200_vel was Choosing Civility by P.M. Forni. It was a novel that illustrated what it was like to be a civil person. There were 25 different topics and different ways of being civil.

This novel was very interesting because a lot of the topics they were saying were “civil” were things that I would not think twice about doing. The 25 topics were:

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Acknowledge Others
  3. Think the Best
  4. Listen
  5. Be Inclusive
  6. Speak Kindly
  7. Don’t Speak ill
  8. Accept and Give Praise
  9. Respect even a subtle “No”
  10. Respect others’ opinions
  11. Mind your Body
  12. Be Agreeable
  13. Keep it Down (and Rediscover Silence)
  14. Respect Other People’s Time
  15. Respect Other People’s Space
  16. Apologize Earnestly
  17. Assert Yourself
  18. Avoid Personal Questions
  19. Care for your Guests
  20. Be a considerate Guest
  21. Think Twice Before Asking for Favors
  22. Refrain from Idle Complaints
  23. Accept and Give Constructive Criticism
  24. Respect the Environment and Be Gentle to Animals
  25. Don’t Shift Responsibility and Blame

Now that I have both read Choosing Civility and did a presentation on it, I have a better understanding of what characteristics a leader must possess in order to be a good citizen. I will take these 25 rules of civility and I will teach other people around me by my actions and words.

For our presentation we put together a slides show and made an “interesting” video to represent what it is like to be civil.