1. Leadership– Leadership is the ability to lead people in a way that people will listen to you. I’ve carefully learned this skill after many years in leadership positions. I am also involved in the Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University which has taught me valuable lessons on how to lead effectively. Leadership is one of my best skills that I have accumulated over the years.
  2. Good Judgement– This skill is something I learned from my mom. She has always had a good gut when making decisions which has rubbed off on me. I have learned how to make judgments while growing up, which is an important aspect in my decision making and people skills.  This skill helps me be a better leader because I can make good judgment calls.
  3. Motivation– For my entire life I have rarely given up. I am extremely motivated to get the job done when assigned to me, no matter what. I can also motivate others. I have learned motivation through my sports in high school, they made me learn hard work and motivated me to be the best I could.
  4. Responsibility– I am a very responsible person when it comes to my schooling, work, and health. I do not go out on nights when I have other things to do, I prioritize my work, and I am very responsible when it comes to my mental and physical health. This has helped me become a better leader because I have earned credibility among my peers. I am a very trustworthy person, people know I am responsible and this helps me lead people.
  5. Teamwork– I have been on dozens of teams growing up. This has taught me how to work with a team in a way that allows for both the team and me to be successful. This helps me be a better leader because to be able to lead is to be able to work with people. Teamwork is such an important aspect of leadership in the workforce. Without it, nothing would get done.








  • Explain and describe the skills do you posses. How did you learn them? What have you improved your ability to do as a leader? Examples include but are not limited to: public speaking, writing, event planning, facilitation, design, coaching, strategic planning, mediation, etc.