I am passionate about people…

I thrive off of helping people.

Even the smallest of gestures mean the world to someone. Helping people gives me a sense of happiness and warmth. I LOVE helping anyone and everyone. I like to volunteer, help the needy, however, I also love small acts of kindness towards anyone I come across.



I am passionate about my family. I have grown up so blessed and so loved. My family is my rock and I would not be the women I am today without them. My mom is my best friend. My dad is my backbone. My sister is my role model. My brother is my reason I keep going. I have had the best childhood and best life. I hope to give my kids in the future the same life I had growing up.


img_0634I am so FREAKING lucky for the friend
s God has allowed me to meet. My best friend Bella is my soul mate, she is beautiful, graceful, loving and an all around perfect person. Without her, I do not know where I would be. My friends have helped me through so much. My friends back at home and my new friends at school are people I cannot thank enough for their love and support over the past eighteen years.

I am passionate about school…

Working hardimg_1530

My education growing up has taught me discipline, hard work, and dedication. The teachers and faculty that taught me throughout my journey have put everything into me being a successful person. I cannot thank my previous teachers enough for making me the student I am today.


I have never been the one to img_0863accept failure. I like to win, I like to succeed. Grades are so important to me because they represent how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are. It is so satisfying seeing your final scores and knowing you worked to get there. School has been a place where I could express myself and prove to myself that I was capable of anything.

I am passionate about my work…


Most people do not think that babysitting is a real job, I beg to differ. Babysitting has taught me discipline, hard work, and accountability. I have made so many connections through the parents I babysit for. For example, next Monday I am actually job shadowing one the families I babysit’s mom at GM for the job I want. I made that connection through babysitting her kids.


I LOVE MY BABIES. When I am sad or down all I have to do is think about the kids I babysit. They have my heart. I love my job so much. I teach them, I discipline them and I love on them. I am so blessed to have had the opportunities and families that I have.

I am passionate about beauty…

Hair and Make-up…img_0100

To me, make-up and hair are an art form. I love being able to try new brushes or products to find the perfect mix. Putting make-up on for me is not hiding, to me, I am enhancing and making myself feel beautiful. I think that I have a natural talent for it, I am so passionate that most of the time I cannot control myself in Sephora.


Dressing up has gotten harder and harder as I have gotten older, however, to me putting on a nice outfit can change any mood. If I wear sweatpants I feel like poop all day, however, if I put on a nice dress I feel like I own the world. Dressing up is a way to express yourself and make yourself feel like a rockstar.