Rotaract is a community service based RSO. Rotaract is the college level version or Rotary, or the high school version Interact. I joined this club because I LOVE to volunteer. I heard great things about this RSO. This organization is so much more than just Mount Pleasant. We raise money to help prevent Polio and other types of diseases around the world and we also send books to other countries like the Philippines. 28a4abcd8ccd717fbab8766fd16c1cbaWe are also an RSO that helps Isabella County. Last year they raised enough money to build a baseball field in a local trailer park. This year we are trying to raise enough books to open a little library in the trailer park. One of the best things about Rotaract is that it is so culturally diverse.

Rotary is a worldwide organization, so when students from other countries study at CMU they join Rotaract because it is familiar to them. Sometimes at meetings, we will have the students from other countries present to our class interesting facts about their culture. It is so amazing to make connections from all around the world. Another thing that I love about Rotaract is every meeting we usually have a guest speaker. That is how I made my connections with Pastor Carla (I will talk about her in a second). Also, usually every meeting we have a small service project. Sometimes we make blankets for the local homeless shelter, or even next week we are making valentine’s day cards to send to the local nursing home. Next semester I will be on Rotaract’s eBoard as Volunteer Chair. I am required to organize montly service projects and organize one large event. Rotaract has opened so many doors for me, I am so glad I am a part of this organization.

Life Group

Another thing I am involved in is a Life Group through His House Church. Last semester we met every Monday. We read a chapter a week from a book designed around our love for God. I made so many connections with the girls in the group.7d9eba6fe355fac494f1a035d012850a.jpg They became my best friends. It was the best feeling knowing that you had so many people worrying about you. When I first came to CMU I struggled with the transition, so having a second family away from home was such a blessing. A couple of times we even participated in some community service. We once went to a home where we played games with the people living there and visited with them. It was such an amazing experience. This semester Makenna and I decided to create our own Life Group within the people living in Barnes. Makenna and I both wanted to have a place where we could openly talk about how we were feeling, whether that be pertaining to God or not. We have decided to read a blog written by a college Christian and follow along with the questions. So far it has been extremely successful, and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.


Intern at Potter’s House

One of my favorite involvements that I have joined since coming to campus is working with Pastor Carla at Potter’s house. I met Carla, through Rotaract, she came and gave us a presentation on everything she is working on to help other people. Carla is an amazing woman. heartcryShe is a pastor at Potter’s House in Mount Pleasant. She is the founder and CEO of Heart Cry International. Heart Cry International transforms nations through discipleship and humanitarian projects that provide education, medical care, shelter, and crisis care for children affected by poverty or abuse. Not only does Carla work with kids globally she also works with kids locally, teaching classes and helping them through a crisis. She is dedicated to helping parents know how to parent their child. She is also an author, writing adult and children’s books. Her children’s books are aimed to help a parent talk to their child about uncomfortable topics, through a story by provided guided questions and pictures. Through Carla, I have been able to do so many things. She has provided me many opportunities to help people. She has set me up as a mentor, I mentor elementary-aged girls. I take them to the museum or library. I also help run a daycare during one of the day time bible studies. The bible study is aimed towards helping women make choices, and it helps guide them to a better life. So being able to help that process by watching the kids during the group has been such a rewarding thing. photoI also assist Carla during a “Girl’s Got Feelings” class. This class is aimed towards elementary aged girls who struggle
to express their emotions in an appropriate way. Overall, I have been extremely blessed to have been able to work with Carla. She is such an inspirational woman; she has come to be my mentor, colleague and best of all friend. I cannot wait to live a life like Carla does in my future, by impacting everyone in such a positive way.