My least favorite thing to do in high school, my sports, at church or college was to make “goals”. Every single time I would write down my goals they would be different, I would forget what I had previously written and I would make up random things to write down so I looked like I had done something.

Today that is different. Today I have confidence and insight on the person I want to be in the near future and the future in 20 years. I have grown immensely since stepping into the leadership institute only a short year ago. I have learned more about myself and who I truly am in that short year than I have over eighteen years. I have figured out who I plan to be and what I want to see in my life.

  • Healthy Living- I have been blessed to have the best confidence in myself, fullsizeoutput_b43my body and my brains. I think so highly of myself, and I believe that I can do anything. For me, I want to eat healthily so I can continue feeling and being healthy. I don’t want to diet or starve myself. I just want to put things in my body that are supposed to. No pop, fast food, fried foods or lots of sugar. I believe that you are not healthy mentally or physically during diets, so my goal for the rest of my life is to eat foods that my body NEEDS not WANT. I also am very realistic so I know I will crave a cookie from time and time again. I will eat that cookie because eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself from eating things that you love. A cookie occasionally will not kill you. Also, I want to work out every day. Even if it is a light workout in my 5X5 room, just getting myself moving at least once a day will make me feel so much better about who I am.
  • Graduate from Central Michigan University- Simple, right? Not. I have had the most difficult time transitioning into what I thought was going to be the most amazing year in my entire life. I thought that graduating from a university would be simple as pie,img_1530 however, as I have ventured into this journey I have realized it is not. Even though I have met some amazing people and faculty the stress of classes, living on my own and even feeding myself has caused anxiety and depression I had never imagined I would have to overc
    ome. For me, though, I have grown in such a short semester. I have considered leaving CMU multiple times and moving closer to home, however, I know that that person I was raised to be would never forgive myself if I quit. So, I have created a goal that this summer I thought would be easy, I have created the goal that I WILL graduate from Central Michigan University.
  • Grow Closer to God- I have been a Christian my entire life. But for me, I am ready to take it to the next step. I want God to be a part of every second of my life. My goal is to thank Jesus every morning and every night for everything he has given me. I want to pray before every meal no matter what. I want to be able to share his word without feeling like a burden. My goal is to make him a priority over EVERYTHING else in my life.


  • Have a job I love- Someday I hope to be a brand manager for either a high-end make-up brand or clothing line. I also could see myself working as a brand manager for my favorite store Maurices. I sincerely love clothing and helping women feel beautiful. I want to work for a company that has a positive culture and is excepting to everyone not matter the size, gender or skin color. My goal is to make a difference with my career, maybe helping girls who cannot afford clothing that fit them correctly find a better and cheaper alternative to clothing.MAURICES LOGO
  • Have a family- The most important goal to me is to have a loving husband and kids. Growing up when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew I img_0004would say “a mom”. I have mainly my mom to thank for that. She was the best mom a girl could ask for. She made me see that being a mom is the best blessing you can ever receive. I hope to one day raise a family like my parents have raised me. I will not let my job, finances or anything else interfere with my dream to be a mom. This goal has been a goal I have had since I could talk, and I cannot wait to fulfill it.

Not everyone is perfect, so obviously, it will be a journey to accomplish each and every single one of my above goals. In my opinion, the journey is the best part. I cannot wait for what my future has in store, I am so blessed to have the love and support so I can achieve all my ambitions.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”
Proverbs 16:3